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Remembering J.D. Falk

L-am intalnit acum 3 ani la o conferinta in Amsterdam, nu am avut insa placerea sa stau de vorba cu el personal, insa am participat la cateva sesiuni in care era vorbitor. J.D. a fost una dintre cele mai influente persoane din lume in ceea ce priveste sistemele si politicile anti spam…sfaturile sala fiind urmate indeaproape de cei de la Yahoo si Microsoft, pt care cel putin pt o perioada a reusit sa reduca volumul de spam din Inbox cu mai mult de 50%. A fost director Internet Standards & Governance si membru in boardul Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.

Matt Blumberg de la Return Path povesteste o intamplare din ultima saptamana de viata a lui J.D. care spune totul despre carcaterul lui: “J.D.’s wife Hope told me a great story that sums up the fiber of J.D.’s being earlier this week. Just last weekend, from his hospital bed, J.D. realized that he and Hope had concert tickets they would be unable to use because of his illness, so he wanted to give them to friends. However, the tickets were only in electronic form on J.D.’s work laptop. Hope said, “J.D., just give me your password, and I’ll go home and print them out so we can give them away.” His response? “I can’t give you my password – that’s against company policy, but bring the laptop here to the hospital, and I can log in myself and forward you the tickets.””

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