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Yahoo confirma

In urma cu 2 zile cei de la Yahoo au alocat 5 minute unei discutii deschise cu utilizatorii obisnuiti de yahoomail, discutand despre modalitati de a stopa spam-ul in casutele de yahoo si despre ceea ce pregatesc in viitor.

In plus au confirmat schimbarile de care vorbeam in urma cu o luna aici, mai jos gasiti transcriptul catorva raspunsuri, care mie mi s-au parut interesante si utile oferite de Mark, cel care conduce echipa Anti-Spam de la Yahoo (ordinea nu este exacta cu cea din discutie):

galvatron035: I would like to know how I can reduce the amount of Spam I receive in my e-mail accounts.
Mark: Some general tips include:
Mark: 1. Protect your e-mail address as you would your phone number
Mark: 2. Use the “Spam” button to report junk mail
Mark: 3. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
Mark: 4. Create a Sign-in Seal to avoid password theft
Ace: To followup on dlippman’s question - is there a certain % of weight given to the “SPAM words” compared to how many folks are hitting the “SPAM button”
Mark: Our filters examine 100s of features on every message: what words it contains, what’s in the subject line, how many people it’s addressed to, what computer sent it, etc.
Mark: We don’t have a fixed % for a particular bad word, but rather it’s a floating, multivariate equation that’s constantly adjusted as users click the “spam” button on bad messages.
Tron: what changes are you making to the current system? should we expect improvements?
Mark: We’re constantly working on the SpamGuard system, and have teams spread out around the globe making constant tweaks.
Mark: Yahoo! Mail is the largest e-mail provider on the planet, and protecting our users from spam is a top priority of the company. In fact, we block more than a billion scam messages every single day (a lot more than a billion ;)
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